A non-profit voice for Safety Professionals to advocate for common sense regulations and practices.  A resource for Safety professionals to ensure they have the latest information, proper equipment and access to the elected officials and administrators that foster these regulations upon them.  We ensure that all workers are properly trained and certified; not just for the job they are presently doing, but for the world we now live in with emergency prepardness, first aid classes and active shooter scenerios.  Being safe at work means being trained and tested.  


This collaboration of certified professional safety advocates are affiliated with the United Safety Academy unitedsafetyacademy.com which certifies and trains safety professionals for careers in security, retail, construction, and emergency prepardendess. As well as affiliated with Safety Professionals of America Local 33. 


By combining with fellow safety professionals, responsible employers and developers we ensure safe and effective conduct of business at all workplaces and job sites.   




  • www.unitedsfetyacademy.com

  • 10% discount on classes for Union or association members 

  • 10% discount for Veterans with a copy of their DD 214  

  • 10% discount for interns and apprentice programs participants  

  • On site classes, testing, & certifications

  • College credit for many classes



Working with pioneers in the future of safety, like Human Condition Safety, the Safety Professional Association certifies safety technology and equipment. 



Affiliated with Safety Professionals of America Local 33 and the United Safety Academy The United Safety Academy is an Accredited Authorized Provider of IACET CEUs through The Safety Group LTD. Our wide range of training courses are taught by seasoned industry professionals.  For over a decade has trained and certified thousands of safety professionals.  



Membership in the Safety Profession Association

entitles you to the physical and digital presence

and advocacy for you and your company.  


INDIVDUAL                       $500

AFFILIATE                         $1,500

CORPORATE                      $3,000



From City Hall to the halls of the power in Washington and Albany, to the media and social network the Safety Professionals Association, INC. is your voice in advocating for common sense safety regulations.  From the Scaffold Law, 421A Tax Benefit Programs, Zoning laws, Restoration requirements, Work Zone Safety laws, OSHA, to insurance reform and worker’s compensation legislation. The Safety Professional Association has a pivotal role in dealing with OSHA, the Mayor’s and Governor’s Administrations, Departments of Buildings, Fire, Investigations, City Planning, Citywide Administrative Services, School Construction Authority, Design and Construction, Landmarks Preservation Commission as well as the elected officials and administrators that oversee safety regulations in this Country, State and City.